Barcelona transfer rumours: Coutinho, Dembele, Neymar…

The summer transfer window is in full swing, and it is already clear that the main transfer saga of the season will be the one involving Lionel Messi.
In the summer, the Blaugranas will have to decide between a number of players, including:
* Coutinho;
* Dembelem;
* Dembelez;
* Neymar.
All of these players are expected to be bought by the club, and the club will have a difficult time finding a suitable replacement for the star of the club.
The most likely candidates for the transfer are:
1. Coutinho.
2. Dembezlem.
3. Neymar, who is considered to be the main star of Barcelona.
However, the main question is whether the club can find a suitable substitute for Messi, who will be 34 in the summer.
This transfer is a good opportunity for the club to strengthen the position of the team in the domestic and international arena.

The main transfer rumours of the summer include:
● Dembélé;
● Neymar;
● Benzema;
• Messi.
However it is important to note that the club has to buy the players, who are considered to have a high potential.
Thus, the first player to be signed will be Dembelé, who has already shown his potential. The Brazilian has already scored several important goals for the team, and he is considered one of the main players of the national team.
It is worth noting that Dembeley is a young player, who needs to be developed further. However, the club is not going to pay a high price for him, because the player is considered as a valuable asset of the Blucerias.
Another player who is expected to join the club in the near future is Neymar who is a great player, and a star of Brazil.
Besides, the Brazilian is considered the main player of the Parisians, and this is why the club paid a high sum for him.
Therefore, it is clear that Barcelona will have several transfers in the transfer window, and they will be very important for the future of the football club. However, it will be difficult to find a replacement for Messi. Thus, the team will have the main priority for the summer transfer.
Real Madrid transfer rumours
The season 2018-2019 has already brought a lot of interesting events, and now the club’s management has to decide whether to make a transfer or not.
Of course, the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo is one of them, because it is obvious that the Portuguese player will not be able to play for the Spanish team. However the club still has a lot to do, because there are several players who can replace the Portuguese.
Among them, we can highlight:
· Gareth Bale;
The first two are still young players, and will need time to develop. However they are already showing their potential. Thus the club management has the right to buy them, and to do this they will have no problem to get the necessary funds.
For Real Madrid, the summer will be a great opportunity to strengthen their position in the tournament arena. However it is necessary to buy a number players, because they are considered as the main assets of the Spanish club. Thus we can note that:


Bale; and
Also, it has to be noted that the transfer is not the last step of the development of the Real Madrid. Thus it is possible that the team can buy a new goalkeeper, a striker, or a defender.
Moreover, the management has already bought a new coach, and if the appointment of Zinedine Zidane is confirmed, it can be expected that the players will have an opportunity to show their maximum.
So far, the season 2018/2019 has been successful for the Madrid team, which is now in the second position in La Liga, and is considered a real contender for the title.
If the club manages to achieve its goals, it should be noted, that the fans will be able not only to watch the game, but also to follow the livescore of the matches, which will allow to follow all the latest news.
What to expect from the Champions League
The current season of the Champions league is very interesting for the fans, because in the first round the teams were quite equal.
Despite this, in the next round the draw for the final matches was made, and Real Madrid was the winner.
As a result, the fans were really pleased with the performance of the Madrid club. However there is still a lot for the players to do in order to achieve the desired result.
One of the most important tasks for the Real players is to be able win the Champions cup. This is the club’s main goal, because this tournament is considered by the fans as the most prestigious club tournament in the world.
At the moment, the Champions Cup is held in the last round, so the Madrid players have a chance to win the trophy.
They have to do their best in the remaining matches, because if they lose the first match, they will not have a long time to get over it.

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