Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao live score and results

The start of the new season of the Spanish championship is already in full swing, and the confrontation between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbaos is one of the most anticipated.
The teams have already met in the Champions League, where the Catalans won 3-1. The game was held in the context of the group stage, so the score was 1:1.
However, the team of Ernesto Valverde, which is known for its attacking football, managed to score several goals in the first half. The score was 2:1, and it was the first time in the history of the tournament that a team won three matches in a row.

The match was held at the Camp Nou, and after the first goal, the fans were expecting a victory, but the Catalonians were not able to break the defense of the team.
After the second goal, a large number of fans started to chant “Barcelona”, which was the main topic of the first minutes of the game.
It was the third goal that finally gave the Catalons the victory. The team of Luis Enrique scored the fourth goal, and this time it was a penalty.
This goal was scored by Gerard Pique, who was the leader of the attack for the Catalonian team. The goalkeeper, Jordi Alba, was injured, so he was replaced by the goalkeeper of the Catalona team, Marc-Andre ter Stegen.
In the final seconds of the match, the Catalan team managed to win the match. The fans of the club were so happy that they started to celebrate the victory in the stadium.
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What to expect from the new Barcelona team?
The Catalonals started the season well, but it is still unclear whether they will be able to win gold medals or not.
Barcelona has a lot of potential, and its main competitors are:
• Real Madrid;
• PSG;
· Juventus;
• Atletico.
Many experts say that the Catalonic team has the potential to win a lot, but they have a long way to go before they can get to the top.
Atletico is one the main favorites of the season, and they have already managed to reach the Champions Cup final.
Juventus is a team that has a long history of success, and many experts consider it as one of Spain’s most powerful clubs.
There are many reasons that could lead to the Catalonal victory in this season.
For example,
• the team’ performance in the previous season;
• motivation of the players.
All the Catalones have a lot to prove, and if they do not manage to win this season, it will be a real disappointment for the fans.
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Bundesliga table
The new season in the Bundesliga is already starting, and there is a lot that can be expected from the teams that are fighting for the title.
One of the main surprises of the German championship is the fact that Borussia Dortmund is not in the top 4. The club has a good chance to get into the top-4, because it is now in the playoffs.
Of course, the club needs to win, but Borussia is a favorite of the current season, because the team is not very strong in the domestic arena.
Despite the fact, that the club is in the middle of the standings, it managed to get to a higher position. The reason is the performance of its players. The main goal of the Bumblebees is to get the Champions league, which will be very difficult for them if they are not at the top of the table.
If you look at the table of the Bundesliga, you can see that the team has a very difficult time. The only way for the club to get out of the middle is to win matches and get into a higher place.
They need to win at home, because they have not won there for a long time.
Live score of Eintracht Frankfurt matches
The season of German football has already ended, and now the fans are waiting for the results of the Eintrigg matches.
These are the main matches of each round, and each team has to play with the team that it defeated in the last round.
Eintrachts Frankfurt is one such team. It is a club that has been in the second position for a very long time, and even though it has not won the German Cup, it is a real favorite of this season’.
Now, the EINTRACHTF has a chance to win it, because this season it has a new coach, who is working with the players for the first matches. The new coach is Niko Kovac, who has been working with EintRacht for several years.
Kovac managed to make the team stronger, and he managed to bring the team to the Champions cup final.

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