BEST PLAYERS of the season in TOP 5 leagues 10-11′

The new season of the Bundesliga has begun and the teams are already trying to win the title. This is why the Bundesliga is considered the most popular championship in the world. The Bundesliga is also the most important tournament of the UEFA Champions League.
The Bundesliga is a tournament of teams from the strongest leagues of the world, which have won the title for several years in a row. The teams are divided into two groups, which are divided by the number of rounds. The first group is called the “Group A”, and the second one is called “Group B”. The teams that finish in the first position of their group advance to the next stage.
In the Bundesliga, the teams play each other in a round, and the winner of each match is the winner. The matches are held on a home-and-away basis, and there are no penalties for a loss.

The teams that are in the top positions of the standings are the following:
1. Borussia Dortmund – the team has won the champion title for three times.
2. Bayern – the club has won this title for the second time.
3. Bor – the second place.
4. Dortmund – third place.
5. Hoffenheim – fourth place. The team has a good chance of winning the champion trophy.
6. RB Leipzig – the sixth place. This team has not won the championship for a long time. It is still possible for the team to win it.
7. Bayern Munich – seventh place. Bayern is in the middle of the championship, but it is not in the best shape.
8. Borussias – eighth place. It has a bad season, and it is unlikely to win any trophies.
9. RB Salzburg – the ninth place. Salzburger team has been in the bottom of the table for several matches, but this does not affect the result of the tournament.
10. Eintracht – the tenth place. Einziger team has good chances of winning a trophy. However, it is still too early to say that the team will win the champion’s title.
11. Boro – the eleventh place. Boros have a good season, but they are still far from the best.
12. Schalke – the twelfth place. Schalleck team has lost points in matches against teams from higher positions.
13. Bayerns – the thirteenth place. In the last season, the team did not win any trophy. Now, it looks like it will be able to win one.
14. Borussen – the fourteenth place, which is not so good.
15. Hoffes – the fifteenth place – it has not yet won a trophy, but the team is in a good shape. The main goal of the team for the next season is to win a trophy in the Champions League, and this is why it is so important to win here.
16. RB Pirzas – the sixteenth place in the Bundesliga. The club has not been in a very good shape, and its chances of getting into the Champions league are low.
17. RB Eintrnbach – the seventeenth place. After the last championship, the club was in a bad shape. Now it is in an excellent shape, but there is still a long way to go.
18. Boruses – the eighteenth place. Its season has been quite bad, and now it is far from being a champion.
19. RB Leon – the nineteenth place. Leon team has had a good year, but now it needs to get into the top four.
20. Schottland – the twenty-first place. Team has a decent season, however, it needs a lot of work.
21. RB Paderborn – the 21st place. Paderbor team has an excellent season, it has already won the German championship.
22. Borus – the 22nd place. There are still a lot to do, but Borus have a decent chance of getting to the Champions club.
23. RB Greuther – the 23rd place. Greuther team has recently been in an extremely bad shape, it will need to do a lot in the near future to get out of this situation.
24. RB Freiburg – the 24th place. Freiborg team has started the season quite well, but after that it has lost a lot.
25. RB Borussia – the 25th place – this team has no chances of entering the Champions’ League. It needs to do its best to win trophies. It will be interesting to see how the team performs in the future.
26. RB Mehlis – the 26th place in Germany. The squad has been playing quite poorly, but in the long run it can win trophies, because it has a long bench.
27. RB TSG Hoffenstadt – the 27th place, the squad has a lot more chances of being in the Europa League. However this is not the main priority for the club. It still needs to win more trophies.

The Bundesliga table is updated live on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can find the latest information about the teams, their results, and their position in the standings.

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