Best teams in Premier League 2014-2015 – Top 10

The Premier League is the most prestigious football tournament in the world. It is a real battle for the champion title, which is decided by the head-to-head matches. This season, the main contenders for the title are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
β€’ Chelsea;
You can always follow the development of events on the website of sports statistics. The English Premier League has a long history, and it is always interesting to follow its development.
The tournament is held every year, and this year it is especially interesting for football fans. The main contenders are: Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, and Manchester United.
This season, it is also worth noting the fact that the main favorites of the tournament are not the top teams, but rather the teams that are in the middle of the standings. This is the case of:
β€’ Norwich;
The team is in the lower half of the Premier League table, but it is still considered one of the main candidates for the victory. The team has a good lineup, which allows it to score a lot of goals.
Norwich is a team that can be considered a real gem of the English Premier league. The club is one of those teams that is able to surprise the fans with its performance.

The club has a bright future, and the fans can expect a lot from it. The fans can follow the results of the team on the sports statistics website. It provides information about the results, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches.
You will find here the latest news from the world of the top English clubs, as they fight for the main title of the championship. The season is already in full swing, and you can follow its progress on the site of sports information.
How to watch the matches of the EPL?
The English Premier leagues are the most popular tournaments among football fans from all over the world, and they are always interesting for those who like to watch matches. The EPL is a league of the strongest clubs in the English football, and its teams are always ready to win.
In the current season, Manchester City and Liverpool have already won the title of champion of England. The clubs have already managed to take the title from Chelsea. The latter team has been in the top three for several years in a row, but the club has not managed to win the title for a long time.
However, the season is not over yet, and there are still a lot to be played. The Premier League fixtures are available on the Internet, and now you can always keep abreast of the latest events.
Main Contenders for the Title
The EPL fixtures are very interesting, and fans can always find out the latest results on the reliable resource. The current season is particularly interesting, because the main competitors of the teams are not top-rated clubs, but clubs that are at the middle or lower part of the table.
Manchester City and Manchester united are the main favourites of the season, and their main competitors are: Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham. The last season, these clubs were able to take a leading position in the standings, but they did not manage to win a trophy.
As for the team that is considered the main contender for the triumph, it’s Liverpool. The Merseysiders have a good squad, which can achieve great results. The players of the club have a bright and promising future, which will be able to triumph in the Premier league in the near future.
Follow the development on the football field on the Eplfscore website. Here, you can find the schedule and the results from matches of all the teams of the Championship.
Who Will Win the Title of the Champion of England?
This year, the fight for victory in the championship of England is especially intense. The teams have already been fighting for the championship for several seasons, and many of them have already claimed the title.
Liverpool is considered one the main clubs that can claim the title, but Manchester City is also considered a contender for victory. However, the team has not yet managed to claim the champion’ title. The previous season, they were able not to win any trophy. However this season, their chances of winning the title have increased.
It is worth noting that the current champion of the country is not the most powerful team, but its lineup is really impressive. The squad of the City has a lot in common with the main rivals of the Liverpool.
Among the main advantages of the current champions of England are:
1. Good lineup. The City has the following players in its lineup:
Β· Β·
Β· The team is able not only to score goals, but also to create chances for its competitors.
2. Individual skills of the leaders. The leaders of the Manchester City are: Sergio Aguero, David Silva, and Rashford. They are able to decide the fate of the match in their own favor.
3. Good teamwork. The members of the squad of Liverpool are able not just to score, but to create a lot as well.
If the team of City manages to win, it will be the first time in a long while that the club won the champion of a country.

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