Best players in the Premier League 2016-2017 – Top 10

The season of the English Premier League has come to an end. The current champion is Leicester City, who has won the title for the third time in a row. The previous two times were won by Liverpool and Manchester City.
The current champion of England has already won the champion title twice, so it is quite possible that the team will repeat the feat in the future.
This season, the Premier league was really interesting, with a lot of surprises and interesting confrontations. The top-rated players were the main reasons for this.

The list of the best players in this season of English Premier league is presented below:
* Lukaku;
* Rashford;
* Aguero;
* Mata;

* Sane;
** Sane is the only player who has not played for the team for several years.
All the players were in excellent form at the end of the season. It is worth noting that the players who were not in the best shape at the beginning of the championship were able to recover and show their best game.
In the current season, Leicester City was really strong, and it was able to win the title. The team has a good lineup, which is able to play at a high level.
It is worth highlighting the following players of the team:
1. Riyad Mahrez;
2. Riyasman;
3. Fonso.
They are able to provide the team with the necessary stability and make it possible to win many trophies.
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Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the current championship is the fact that the teams are constantly changing. This means that, in the course of the tournament, there will be a lot more changes in the standings.
At the end, the teams will play a decisive match, which will determine the champion of the country.
However, the most important intrigue of this season is the following:
● The teams have a lot in common, which allows them to play against each other in the playoffs.
● The teams are not as strong as they were at the start of the year.
That is why, in general, the main intrigue is the struggle for the champion’s title.
Now, the clubs have the opportunity to strengthen their lineup, as well as to improve their game. This will allow them to win more trophies. The teams will have to play a lot, because the championship is long and there are a lot matches ahead.
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Latest Results of English Championship
The new season of England’ Premier league has begun. The tournament is held every year, and the current champion was Leicester City. The club won the championship for the second time in three years, and this time it was the third consecutive time.
After the previous two championships, the team was able not only to win, but also to defend the champion’s title. This is another evidence that the club is a real contender for the title of the strongest team in the country, and for the first time in the club’s history, it is able not to lose.
Leicester City has a very good lineup. The main stars of the club are:
· Jadon Sancho;
· Leicester’’ goalkeeper;
’ Jamie Vellard;
It should be noted that the young goalkeeper, who is just starting to get used to the team, is a good addition to the squad.
Jadon is a versatile player, who can play both as a central defender and as a striker. He is able play both in defense and in attack. He has a great work rate and is able score goals.
Vellard is able both to play as a goalkeeper and as an attacker. He can also play as an attacking midfielder.
He is able show his skills in the field, and he is able make a good impression on the opponent.
Another good addition of the squad is Riyad Makhni, who was acquired from Manchester City in the summer. Makhani is a talented young player who is able demonstrate his skills both on the field and in the transfer market.
There are a number of young players who are able demonstrate their skills in various positions of the lineup. This allows the team to be flexible and to play in different formations.
Most Important Intrigue of the Current Season
Now the main question is who will win the champion trophy, and who will be able to defend it for several more years. The following teams are in the fight for the gold medals:
• Liverpool;
• Manchester City;
● Chelsea.
These teams are able not just to win trophies, but to do it in a really convincing manner. This season, Liverpool has been really strong. The Merseysiders have a good squad, and they have been able to demonstrate their best form.
Liverpool is able fight for gold medals, and many experts say that it is the team that will win it.

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