Can anyone stop Real Madrid from winning La Liga this season?

The season of the Spanish championship is in full swing, and the Real Madrid team is already showing its best game. The team has already won the Champions League and the Spanish Super Cup, and it is now in the final phase of the season.
The main rival of the Royal Club is Barcelona, but the Catalans are not able to compete with Real Madrid. In the current season, the Catalons have already lost to Atletico and Barcelona. The gap between the teams is so large that it is almost impossible to win La Liga.
Who will win the title of the best team in the world?
The current season of La Liga is very interesting, because the main contenders for the title are:
· Barcelona;
·3. Real Madrid;
4. Valencia;
5. Sevilla.
Barcelona is the main contender for the champion title. The Catalans have already won La Liga, and they are now in their best form. The previous season, they were defeated by Real Madrid in the Champions Cup final, and this time they will face a serious struggle for the victory.
Real Madrid is the second most popular team in Spain. The Royal Club has a long list of rivals, but it is clear that the current team is the best in the current championship. The main problem for the team is a lack of motivation. The players are tired of losing, and Real Madrid is not able yet to demonstrate its maximum.
In the current campaign, the Royal club will try to win the Champions’ League and La Liga in the same season. However, it is not clear whether the team will be able to achieve this. Barcelona is the strongest in the Spanish championships, but Real Madrid has a better squad, and its main rivals are: Barcelona, Valencia, Atletico, and Granada.
What are the main chances of Barcelona to win?
In La Liga the Royal team has a good chance to win. The following factors will help it to achieve its goals:
1. Good selection of players. The current squad of the Catalonians has a lot of experience in the championship. This will help the team to achieve the desired result.
2. Motivation. The club has a great number of leaders who are ready to fight for the gold medals.
3. Excellent teamwork. The members of the team work well together, and everyone is able to give his all to the team.
4, Good psychological state of the players.
5, Good results of the club’s rivals.
However, the team’ leaders have to show their maximum in order to achieve their goals.
Will Real Madrid win the champion’ title?
Barça is the most popular club in Spain, and many experts believe that the Royal will be the main favorite of the current tournament. The Catalan club has the following advantages:
* Long bench;
* Good selection;
• Motivations of the leaders.
Despite the fact that the team has long bench, the players have the opportunity to rest, and their performance in the matches will not be affected. The leaders have already demonstrated their maximum, and now they need to show it in the best way.

The Royal club has long been considered one of the main favorites of the Champions’ League. The last time it lost to Barcelona was in the group stage of the tournament. This time, the club will face the Catalonian team in a decisive stage of this tournament.
It is clear, that the Catalones will try their best to win gold medals in the tournament, but they have a long way to go.
How will the current champion�
Barcelonas will try not to lose to Real Madrid this season. The Madrid team has the strongest lineup, and there is no doubt that the players will try everything possible to win every match. The rivals of the Catalan club will be:
• Barcelona;
• Real Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and Atletico.
This year, the main goal of the Real team is to win all the trophies of the championship, and to do this, it will have to win both La Liga and the Champions’s League.
Of course, the current Champions’ Cup will be a real test for the Royal, but this tournament is not over yet, and we can expect a lot from the Catalonais.
Main favorites of La liga table
The table of La Ligas is very important for the teams, because it can decide the fate of the champion’s title. This is why the following teams are considered the main rivals of Real Madrid:
● Atletico;
● Barcelona; Valencia; Real Sociedad; Sevilla; Granada; and Mallorca.
Atletico has a very long bench and the players can rest during the matches. This allows the team not to be affected by the fatigue.
Many experts believe, that Real Madrid will be defeated by Barcelona in the first round, but in the second round the Catalunya will be much stronger. The first match will be decisive for the winner of the title.
Fans can watch the matches of the teams on the website of sports statistics. Here you can find the information about the results of matches of all the teams.

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