Brazil vs. Germany: Players to watch in today’s friendly

The German Bundesliga is in full swing, and the main event of the season is the confrontation between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. The first round of the championship was not a failure for the Bavarians, as they managed to win only one point. However, the second round was quite different, as the team from Munich managed to equalize the score and even draw the match.

The third round was the most interesting one, because the teams played for the first time in the Champions League zone. The match ended in a draw, but the Borussia was the first to leave the tournament zone.
Borussia managed to finish in the third place of the standings, but it is not the best result. The team needs to improve its position in the standings in order to be able to fight for the Champions Cup.
The Bundesliga is the most popular championship in the world, and it is also one of the most expensive. Borussia is the main contender for the title of the best team in the league, and this is why the team has everything it needs to win gold medals.
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What to expect from the Borussians
The team of Thomas Tuchel has already won the Champions league twice, so it is quite possible that the team will repeat the success in the next season. The main goal of the team is the Champions cup, so the team needs a good result in the German championship.
However, the team does not have the best players, so they will need time to get used to each other. In the first round, the Borussian players were quite passive, but in the second and third rounds they showed their full potential.
This is the reason why the club is able to finish the season in the first place of its group. The following players can be considered as the main contenders for the champion title:
* Lukas Pantic;
* Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang;
* Lukas Fabianski.
These players can become the main favorites of the upcoming season, because they are the main leaders of the club.
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All Bundesliga results on one platform
The current season of the English Premier League is very interesting. The teams are fighting for the right to compete in the European Cup zone. In addition, the fight for gold medals is also on.
Now, the main goal is to finish at the top of the league table. This is the best opportunity to get into the Champions cups. The fight for this trophy is especially intense, because there are only a few rounds left.
At the moment, the struggle for the coveted trophy is on. The top teams are ready to fight until the last match. However the fans can watch the results of the matches on the website that provides the latest data from the Premier League.
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Championship results of Liverpool
Liverpool is one of England’s main clubs, and its fans are very passionate about the team. The club has won the Premier league for a long time, so now it is very important for the team to finish on a high note.
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After the first rounds of the new season, the club has a good chance to finish first in the Premier division. The players of the Merseysiders are very motivated, and they are ready for any challenge.
Liverpool’ players are very active in the matches of the Champions club tournament. The Champions league is the strongest tournament in the Old World, and now it has become even more interesting.
Here, the Liverpool players are the favorites, and their success in this tournament is a guarantee that they will be able not only to finish high in the English championship, but also to get to the Champions’ club tournament for the second time.
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How to follow all the results from the Champions tournament
The Champions tournament is one more competition in which the Liverpool team is very active. The Merseysides are the best in Europe, and many people consider them to be the main favorite of the tournament.
There is a good possibility that the club will get into this tournament for a second time, because it has a very good chance of winning the title. The previous time, the players of Liverpool were not able to get a ticket to the tournament, but this time they have a good opportunity.
As for the chances of the Reds to win the title, the following factors can be mentioned:

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